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Holy Week 2020

Holy Week It is Holy Week! A week of even greater reflection and observance before the Great Holy Day of Easter. It doesn’t really feel like Easter, does it? It has been difficult to focus on anything else except the pandemic at hand. However, this Holy Week and Easter have the potential to be theContinue reading “Holy Week 2020”

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Luke 19:28-40 The sixth Sunday of Lent, or Palm Sunday, is the day that the Church celebrates the triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Growing up this was taught to me mostly as a story of Jesus’ humility. He does not wear expensive robes colored in the rare purple dye, or riding a pure-bred stallionContinue reading “Palm Sunday”


Repentance Scripture: Matthew 3, Acts 2:38, and Ephesians 1 “Repent! Repent!”  While in college I would hear a pastor on the pedestrian walkway of my campus shout that word as the young adults strolled on by, each with headphones in their ears not paying attention. I remember cringing at his anger and each time theContinue reading “Repentance”

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